Street - Summer Days

Awesome video. I loved it. the music was good, and i loved the bottle throw haha. My favorite trick was the fakie crankflip down the 2 set. then the trick just after that. I have no idea what it is called but it was cool haha. Very well done.

You mean backflip??

Hey Sam, I really liked this one. You have gotten really good at flips.

You’re riding is always very flowy, its awesome.

The video quality didn’t look as good as in some of your other videos though.

Thanks guys, It was a fakie flip down the two (backwards flipping riding backwards) edit : oh and the trick afterwards was a fakie inwards varial. :slight_smile:

I dunno what happened with the quality of the video it should of been higher cos i used a elements rather then WMM which output the video at a better quality…

It wasnt a fakie inwardside varial?

1:32 was a fakieflip down a 2 set.

1:35 was a fakie inward varial.
2:52 was a fakie inward side varial.

Glad someone is paying attention emile :slight_smile: your right. just a normal fakie inwards varial after the fakie flip down the 2 and a fakie inwards side varial after the 180 gap later in the video.

Some nice material here… :sunglasses:

awesome vid man. love the style.

ncie vid man, very smooth clean tricks