Street - Summer Days

Hey everyone, this is my new street video. :slight_smile:

I enjoyed the video. It had really nice flowy lines and some creative and big stuff thrown in.

forgot to mention the bottle throw! epic shot

i really liked that

Smooth as always

soo clean! everthing rolled out :astonished: awesome video…really like it!!
really nice style and the bottle throw :astonished: :astonished:

keep it up!

I really enjoyed watching this vid. Even if I am not a street rider I have to admit that there are waaaaayy too few street vids coming up. Flat here, flat there, flat everywhere…


Man, you’re really up there with the best of the best in terms of flow. Luke, Shaun, Chris, and you. Top four.
And I really love your fakie tricks, the fakie inward sidevarial was really smooth. Like everything else.

NICE NICE NICE! Loved the bottle shot too

So smooth! I liked it!

Great video, my favorite parts were the shifty flip and the trick at 2:51 (fakie inward sidevarialspin??) Everything was really nice and smooth.

Cool, I had been waiting for another video of you.

Flowy as usual. Nice street, since pretty much everything was up or down something, I loved it. Loved the crankflip 6 set at the end.

Smooth video, it looked really good, you’re videos always come out really nice.

great video made for some really nice watching

clean riding!!!but 1:24 is the best!!!

That. Was. Awesome.

Loved how you used the hop twists in there.

That’s mint.

Love your style Sam; reminds me of the great Luke. The bottle shot was grouse and the fakie inwards sidevarials are amazing.

Good stuff pal

Thankyou everyone :smiley: glad you all enjoyed it. I put a fair amount of effort in to the riding and editing so really happy you think it turned out well. :smiley: