Street Stuff

This is my first vid from way back when…the riding’s pretty retro, but the vid is still pretty legit and fun to watch.

Wow pretty legit. yo.

Very good. The style seems a bit on the choppy side, but very hard and balsy tricks in there.

Good job!

nice hops:)

really nice!!! :wink: :wink: :slight_smile:

yea !! nice man !

Wow that was a great vid. I loved thoes varials! I used that song in a video that I made a while back, though it’s not near as good, haha.

very cool video you had some big gaps in there:) :slight_smile:

I totally told you that if you posted this people would be all ooh ahh.

Wow! Awesome! Nice hops, the sets where sick!

ooh ahh

how long ago was tht? you should make another, nice vid man

yeah they are called “droppin raw street knowledge” and “new moves by justin abbot”.

heyy… maybe they have already been posted on this forum… just a thought…

it was a year or 2 ago he made the vid though

how odd. i saw this video ages ago while searching myspace for unicycling video’s.
its pretty gnarly, i like it.

wow thats really great stuff

nice stairs jumps

I really liked the one footer 180 off the curb, very nice.

Nice vid!!!
Good riding, w/ good flow an part of the riding, editing and the music fit well. One of the better vids out there w/ just one rider in it:)

You need a better camera though. Maybee that’ll come w/ some sponsorship:o

How about a “Muni Stuff”?

Every good video name needs alliteration, duh.

nice video… i loved the grids!