[street] Street Pierze

Here’s a small video featuring Pierze mainly done to test my new cam
it’s filmed in one day and edited in a few hours, enjoy! :slight_smile:

vimeo link

that was some sweet editing for just one day of riding :astonished:

also loved the big set he did and the 360’s were awesome.

<3 old school street


too short! :stuck_out_tongue:

:astonished: that was awesome editing but it was too short.

i also agree, more of his riding should be posted! :stuck_out_tongue: its so fast and awesome.


I love your oldschool style, and the mini-ramp parts were awesome to watch. That’s the kind of thing I find inspiring.

Awesome vid and did anyone else notice how his hat fell off after like every jump? :sunglasses:

I think you need a hat one smaller size but great riding man.

Awesome filming and riding, good to see some more old school street. :slight_smile:

Awesome video Bob, very good filming :slight_smile: I’m jealous of you tripod :smiley: haha

ohhhhh yeeeaaaaahhhh, i really enjoyed filming with it on this one :stuck_out_tongue:
it’s so smooth, and it’s also the first vid i film entirely with my canon 550d
thanks for all the comments guys :slight_smile:

haha ;D

Happy Birthday man!

street <3

That was cool :slight_smile: Loads of action … nice …

reminds me of xav collos’ old videos… when shit was cool

the halfpipe grind was cool never seen that before

This is such a killer video! It REALLY makes me want to go hit up my local park.