Street/Squared Taper Schlumpf

Anyone have one they want to sell? I’d consider a 26" or 29" wheel build with it. I’m only allowed to road unicycle, so I’m thinking I’ll just build a 26" or 29" commuter (preferably 26" bc I’m less likely to get injured on that one). I’m looking for the non-Isis, square taper version so it’ll fit in a frame with 40mm bearings.



EDIT: title should say square taper

Someone in Australia just sold a schlumpf for $100AUD. So sad I missed out on that deal :frowning:

I’m not really interested in an ISIS Schlumpf, if that’s what it was. But man, that’s a killer deal. Even with shipping. I wonder if it was broken.

Old Square tapper Schlumf hub

Hi, I may have just what you are wanting. I’m not using my older 29er original much anymore. Take a look at it pg. 101 schlumf hubs:general discussion. I can have it back stock in half hour or less. It’s in great shape and has been cleaned and lubed recently.

COOL! PM sent.