[Street] Skittles

Video i’ve been working on for a while, its been a year and a half since my first one =) hope you enjoy it.


wow that was awesome. I love the clean fakie 540’s.

YouTube please ?

Thanks Forrest :slight_smile: youtube is


Fantastic stuff.

Yes, i like it, try fifths, you have the right hand tecnique.

i really enyoed this video…i mostly like the gap at 30 minutes:p

btw you have such an awesome park and so many nice spots! keep it up!!!

smooth as

That was awesome. Your style reminds me of Luke Collalto. :slight_smile:

Very nice !

Very nice style!!

That was awsome! It makes me want to go ride, but it’s so hot outside! Anyway, Great Video, I’m gonna download it and put it on my iPod now. :smiley:

EDIT: I can’t download it:( WMP say it’s not connected with the server…

Something about your 540s makes them look like treflips to me :p.

I think every single 5spin you did in there I thought was a treflip until I saw that you landed with the seat backwards. That might be a slight exaggeration, but your 5spins look like treflips.

Thanks everyone for the comments :slight_smile: especially the one about my style looking like lukes :smiley: he’s been my inspiration for a lot of things and taught me a fair bit. i’ll try fifths when i go riding with someone next… :slight_smile:


Nice riding bro. Really enjoyed your video!

Great song… Yeah Empire of the sun!

Awesome video Sam. Heaps of new tricks. 0:33 was cool.

Cant wait to go riding again (after exams probably).

your style is soo clean, its almost hopless on every trick!

Do you always land clean, or do you try the trick so long till you land it on the pedals and roll out??


the 540 inward varialspin was cool