Street Skills

I have become tired of trying to achieve the skill levels in order, probably because they are so screwed up. for instance, a 180 unispin is one of the requirements for level 10, but I can almost do that and I’m on level 2! Anyway, I would like to make a video, but I am the only rider in this area that I know, and I don’t want my first video to end up like the one on the “Worst unicycleing video ever!!” thread. What are some of the basic stree skills I need to become a decent rider? I just learned one footed riding, I can hop off a four foot drop and stick it, I can rolling rop much higher that I can standing still, I can’t even jump two feet tanding still. Should I practice backwards, unispins, crankflips, SIF? any thing else? Thanks!

practise SIF, SIB, WW, crank flips, unispins, one footing, idleing, 1 foot idleing, hopping higher, rolling hopping.

try jumping on things and overthings. like picnic tables, benches, learn to ride down stairs then jump them… and learn the stuff above but some of that stuff is pritty hard.

You didn’t put backwards riding on there…

practice your standstills
they are very helpful

count the seconds that pass as you just ‘stand’ there - they will get longer over time.

When i first made a unicycle movie i did it just to show off my tricks, and not many people liked it, now i am over that, well i still want good stuff in it but now i try to make it more flowy… street vids need to have flow to be good… here is a vid i just made, i thinks is alright with the flow but i am trying to make it much better

you should just make a video of what your riding is now, I’m sure it will be just fine, I make vids and I can only hop like 1 foot on a good day, and besides after you get really good you can look back and see how you progresed. and you should works on stairs and mayby ginds;) and what not.

Learn skills from the standard 10 levels. I know, I know, they’re not EXTREME and AWESOME like street skills. But they provide a solid foundation and will make you better all around.

Thanks guys! About what order should I try to do the things that mornish listed? I’ve almost got one footed rideing down, and I’m working on SIF, but I always wobble ant turn where I dont’ want to turn. I can almost land a unispin while holding on to a post or something. the hardest part is lifting my feet out of the way.
Cool video, ivrinegr! Maybe I will make a video soon.
another question, After I trash my LX, what would be a good all around uni for street, trials, and a little bit of MUni? Should I buy a trials uni? would that work for street too? Thanks!

I’d say get a trials uni.

how much do you want to spend?

another thing you could do if you had enough money, is get a splined freestyle uni(like spencer’s) and get a 24" muni.

I want to spend a little more this time. With christmas, and some saving, I hope to be able to spend a round 200, maybe 250. A splined freestyle yould be good, and if my LX was still rolling at that time, mybe I could sell that and get a 24 in LX and put a BMX tire on it, just for every now and then.

talk to spencer and see how he likes his splined freestyle uni.
it’s really cool. they aren’t the best for jumping off and onto stuff, but theyre great for flatland and technical tricks down sets.

I think your LX will last you for a while, until Christmas at LEAST.

Having trouble riding SIF? Practice.
Having trouble riding one-footed? Practice.
Having trouble hopping high? Practice SIF, and Practice.

Practice, practice, practice - It’s what uni’ing is all about.

is he the BC’er?

It usually takes me only a couple of days to learn a skill. Like One footed, I did ten revs a couple of times the first day, and I was consitstantly landing ten revs the next. I think SIF will be my next skill.

Make it smooth

First, learn some crazy hard tricks. Think millions of seatwraps stand up ww and unispins with varials. Whatever you feel like. Then take everything and throw it together into a continous sting of uber awesomeness. Or just throw a lot of cool tricks with combos. Or, just listen to all the nice other people on this thread.

To answer your question about making your first video, it doesn’t have to be full of flashy moves and stuff like that…Matt and I’s first video (unipwned) wasn’t full of flashy tricks, but we had a lot of fun planning, filming it, and editing it, and in my opinion, that showed in the video. So just have fun with it…you can make easy stuff look cool if you just put some thought into it.

Thanks for the advice, Monkeyman. I Started shooting some footage today. We have a pretty nice tripod, so I can do a lot of the stuff myself, but there won’t be a slot of panning shots because my little brother doesn’t have the steadiest hand! Maybey I’ll get my dad or sister to tape me. That’s a decent video though; what you lacked (then) in skills you made up for putting together a good video. We’re going to the fair grounds for a horse show next month, that should be some good riding! Bleachers, benches, drops, stairs rails, all to myself! I’m gonna wait untill I can get some footage of that to make the video.

I have about 15 minuites worth of footage, I just uploaded it on to the computer. I might try to make a short video, but for some reason the computers acting really slow.