[Street] School's Out


Since the end of my college session, three weeks ago, I filmed some footage. I did a quick edit last night and here is the result :



Very nice I really liked the crankflip off the skinny and the backwards one rev coast! or was it half?

That was really cool Hugo! I liked the crankflip from rail and 540 from set most :).

very nice!The 540 was great:)!

Congrats on getting out of school. Always best part of school in my opinion.

Awesome video. Sweet 540 down the stairs. I also like the shots of you flipping up the little ledge and you just kept popping back in, the first one really caught me off gaurd.

awesome street stuff hugo, as always :slight_smile: back flips up look awesome…also the gap at 1:32 looked real nice. :slight_smile:

Woohoo! Its the 5th best street rider in the world!!! xD

Awesome as always! :smiley: I wanna ride with you again Hugo. haha

It was somewhere in between. I was going for a full rev, but the kick I gave to the pedals made it more like a 3/4.

Yeah, right… love your sarcasm. :roll_eyes:

Thanks everyone though.


Nice vid!! But I really missed some big street! love your “big” style!!!

Ok, ok… 5th ranked in the world! Woohoo! lol