Street Rules-Forrest Rackard

Excuse the pollen on my lens:)

This is real street; Going huge with the flip tricks and the flip out of the handrail. Hicktriple over the ledge was pretty nice to see too. How the hell was the fullouttrippleflip possible?

I’m happy to see another hickoverflip too. :slight_smile:

begins to cry that was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. Your ridiculous.


I love that you are going so huge now with the grinds and stair sets. 900 was epic and so was pretty much everything else. I litterally laughed out loud at the end. Very funny.
LOVED this video! Your awesome and im so lucky i live near you so we can ride together.

crazy! was that treytrip or dub? (on the 5 set)?

dude…its not even fair how good you are :smiley:

Even better, that my friend was a fullouttripleflip. Only possible if you are named Forrest Rackard.

Forrest my friend, I am so happy you’re going to NAUCC. Let’s just put it that way.

Your riding is so unique and your audacity to try new tricks never ceases to amaze me. (Look at me using big word :D)

In other words, you are one ballsy son of a gun.

roll hop over that rail was unexpected. i thought u were gona pg it and flip over or somthing but instead u just went straight over! pretty big. ur flips tricks just dont compute in my head lol.

good video. go street!

I can’t express in words how amazing this is. The combination of going big and keeping in techy is great. I love it so much:D

pretty badass.

next up…

lecture from guesswho

youtube please? The first 20 seconds that vimeo let me watch was pretty sweet though.

Don’t worry, worked that time.

Was bloody awesome.

Forrest, that was an amazing video. I watched it a few times and I can’t even get my head around some of the tricks you are doing. I come from a skateboarding background and you are the first person to ride a uni in the way I have imagined it on street.
Just awesome! …now I have to get my fat butt on my uni and try to learn the basics. :stuck_out_tongue:

That my friend was not a fullouttriple :wink: You need to watch what he did before u post hehe… It was a normal treytriple from seat out. Everybody who can do treytriples does them from almost seat in, coz then the flip gets faster. Pause the video and u will see that its seat out :wink: Still awesome!! Next up is treysidetriple!

Sick dude. At 0:22 I was just like, HOLLAAAA!!!

Sickness. Makes me wanna film =]

wowla ^^ insane vid!! :slight_smile:
I really like it how you bring big and tech street together :smiley:
Al the tricks were insane(so I will not call them al :p)

Make more vids like this :wink:
I think this is the best street vid I’ve seen in a while :roll_eyes:


Amazing video, man! Can’t explain my favorite part. I was in awe throughout the whole thing.

Thanks to everyone for the great comments!

The trick down the five set was a trey double, and the trick over the ledge was a hicktriple. haha sorry my quality is not so good.

really glad yall are enjoying this style of riding cuz its my fav :sunglasses:


awesome vid.
now you are one of my favourite riders :slight_smile:

The 10 set handrail was epic enought you didn’t have to add at crankflip out to it!! Handrail close to a wall like that = death. You’re awesome.