Street riding - safety and legal issues

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Street riding - safety and legal issues

compiled by uni57 (Dave) on February 17, 2003

Riding in the street.
A long thread about safety on the road. Talks about bikes and unicycles, whether they would be safer in the street or on the sidewalk. Excellent post about street safety, with many good follow-up comments. – March 2002

Street safety
Another long thread about riding safely. Includes some discussion about protective gear. Touches upon the legality of a unicycle as a vehicle or a pedestrian (USA) – August 2002

Canadian traffic laws?
Discussion of Canadian laws as they pertain to unicycles. General comments about where and how to ride – depending on whether a unicycle is classified as a “vehicle.” – March 2002

A Unicycle’s Place in the World
Unicyclists and pedestrians. Where to ride and where not to ride. Whether to bring your unicycle inside with you or park it with the bicycles. – October 2002

People in cars
Jerks in cars. Dangerous jerks in cars. – March 2002

Uni-on TV (Police Camera Action?)
Unicyclist gets pulled over by cops. Sparks conversation about whether to ride with or against the flow of traffic. Also, the California definition of a bike and whether a unicycle fits that definition. – January 2000

city riding
City riding. Crosswalks, sidewalks – where to ride and when to walk. Distracting drivers by riding a unicycle. – March 2001

Safety Tips for City Uni Rides at Night
Night riding tips. Lighting equipment for being seen. Lighting equipment for seeing. Differing opinions about the status of a unicycle in California (vehicle or pedestrian?). – October 2000

Uni Pub Crawls
On a lighter note – drinking and riding! Also, laws in England about unicycle classification (or lack thereof). – September 1999

Using your head…
To wear a helmet or not to wear a helmet… – April 1999

road riding
More discussion about street versus sidewalk. Ohio (USA) law. Rear-view mirror that clips on to eyeglasses. – January 1999

Unicycles in traffic (kinda’ long)
Not so long thread (one post) about riding in the street or on the sidewalk, with or against the flow of traffic. This post seems to have been orphaned from another thread. – January 1999

Police problems…(uk)
Encounters with the police. The value of being polite. The status (bikeness) of a unicycle. Comparison to skateboards/skates – where would you expect them to be ridden? – February 1998

Re[2]: Police problems…(uk)
Excellent post (needless to say) by JF regarding the law, police officers (their purpose and mindset). A must read – before an encounter with a police officer. – February 1998 Frequently Asked Questions
What’s this? We have a FAQ? Touches upon legal issues in various parts of the world. - February 1996

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