Street Riding on KH Trials? How will it hold up?

[LEFT]How will the new KH Trials unicycle hold up to grinding. The reasion i ask it alumin(sp?) Is prone to wear away, And the bottum of the bearing holders is alumin(sp?). Any body ever wearn away at the brearning holders? Is kris able to fixs this/will he?
Thanks [/LEFT]

Dont worry about the cranks, they are thick enough, you arent going to grind a hole in them any time soon. As for the bearing holders, im not sure but you arent supposed to land on them. I think they might get messed up if you do it enough but thats kind of a guess.

Do you normally land on your bearing holders when you grind? If so, try landing on your cranks and/or pedals. You’ll notice that you have much better results and you won’t stop dead on your (Aluminum*) cranks.

I’m sure the unicycle will hold up to anything that your redheaded self can do to it.

lotsa really awesome street riders ride with a kh crank/hub setup because its really light and strong so dont worry about it it’s one of the best options and way less expensive then profile

He’s more worried about ruining the bearings/bearing caps because the frame and caps are made of weak alluminiumm.

Personally, I wouldn’t want to try grinding with one for fear of hitting the bearing cap. Maybe you can get a steel cap somewhere that would fit? It would be safer that way.

I’m not shour thay are aluminum ? I donk know thay may be steel?

Kris where are you? I need you man.

i just bent mine today just wheel grabbing an 8 set


The bearing clamps on the post 2005 KH’s are made of aluminum. Aluminum is more prone to cracking than steel when it takes multiple hard impacts. I looked around for something to replace them in case they broke, and nobody could tell me anything to replace it. Bedford and UDC said that if they break your best bet would be to simply have a local machinist make some new ones from steel.

wheel grabbing? an 8 set? jeez, kohse, you’re nuts.

wtf is a wheel grab, anyway?

That’s where you grab your wheel, I think. Some people do it while jumping. I do it like this:

  O  |
  |         <--- me grabbing my wheel
 / \

Well if its like a tire grab, you hop and bend down and touch the tire.

I wouldnt trust myself to hop down 8 stairs while bending over and touching my tire or wheel (whichever).

Kudos to anyone that can!

       _  O    < justin   __________
       |  --\--        __|
      (/)   / \     __|

eh^ ?

What was bent? :slight_smile:
What is the weak spot on the kh trial unicycle? :slight_smile:

Good gosh thats a big 8 set.


Well, some stairs are bigger than other… Here in Norwary we have a few really big ones!

the support on my seat post just break doing a small rolling hop ( i have a kh trial 05 )

i ended up tweaking my right crank pretty badly, still rideable but enough to notice theres something seriously wrong. I dont have the whole 2005 set up just the hub and cranks on my 24".


Oh… how about the grinding ???

seems to slide really nice, little harder for skinnier hand rails because they stick out farther then profiles ( in my opinion). But it makes tricking into grind alot easier.


Arn’t the old KH frames made of chromoly? The bearing holders from the old frames would fit on the new ones i think. But i dont think you can buy them seperatly.