Street Riders: What's your favorite sess spot?

What’s everyones favorite object to sess on? (examples include curbs, 2 sets, 3 sets, 4 sets, 5 sets, 6 sets, 7 sets, 8 sets, 9 sets, 10 sets, 11 sets, 12 sets, (insert number higher than 12) sets, flipping on flat, benches with backrests, without backrests, 1 rev manny pads, 2 rev manny pads, 3 rev manny pads, flat bar rails, flat round rails, 5 stair rails, (insert number other than 5) stair rails, (insert any number) foot drops etc.)Enough examples? Or do you need more?

My personal favorite are 2 sets because they are more challenging than curbs and flat flips, but there are still SO MANY things that can be done on them. What about you?

Lets see, my favorite place for street is at a high school near me. There is the highschool on the left, then a large field, and on the right of the field is a Library. Inbetween is nice little concrete structure with lots of goodies in it.

Its not just one single thing, so ill go get some pictures of it and post them.

The bench. Theres two of them there. The top is about 3inches wide. I have no clue why Mike decided to lay there, but it works.

The 8-set. It has a short run up, but it is doable. There are two of these sets. On the side are some fun ledges. Im wanting to grind on one of them soon.

This ledge is about 3 feet high, maybe an inch or two higher.

On the other side of the (above) ledge.

This one is fun. Rolling onto it, and dropping down the other side with a 360 or something. You can also see a little skinny section to jumping onto or off. And in the back is a long ledge, about 1.4 feet tall.

The 3-set.

Yep. Its a fun place, and I usually stay there for hours doing trials and street lines.

Shadle Bench.jpg

Shadle 8-set.jpg

Shadle Ledge.jpg

Shadle Ledge drop.jpg

Shadle Ledge 2.jpg

Shadle 3-set.jpg

I like 4 sets the most. Now I just need to treflip one.

2 or 3 sets and 2 rev manny pads.

Probably a wide 3 set with a rail because you can land just about any trick down or up them. 2 benches back to back are pretty cool too but you cant do half as much on them.

You have a good taste… I like 3 sets almost as much as 2s and 2 rev manny pads are amazing.:wink:

i like 5 sets and 5 set rails.

18 sets

Where I live Im not too fussy, I am happy with what ever I can find, even if its as little as a good curb.

where i live, im lucky to find a two set. 98% of my riding takes place under the street light in front of my house. Florida is so flat.

i like 7 sets but I’m not allowed to jump them until my dad get me health insurance

That sounds pretty similar to were I live, there is so little to ride on it realy suks. There are a few sets at my school but its 6 miles from my house and there always seems to be someone there to kick me off.

Why? is he realy saftey concious?

he doesn’t want to pay a ton of money to the hospital when he wouldn’t need to with good health insurance

Whats the biggest set you have done so far? Sets are realy easy, alot more so than you think, jump down it a few times on foot and you will see how small it realy is, its even easyer on a uni and alot more compftable.

Jerricks spot looks awesome.

Seriously, my fave spots are my skatepark (which isnt that great) and my supermarket that has a line up of 4 1rev mannypads in a row and 3 3rev mannypads in a row.

I just like skateparks because you can get really creative, and NOONE can kick you out.

ive done a 7 but the camera died right before i cleared it

Ive jumped 8 but I think I can do 9 or 10 maybe. You say its easier on a uni? I dont think so i’ve jumped a 12 set on foot and it was pretty big I doubt anyone can jump that on a uni.

My favourite spot is actually this 8 set in the video of me treflipping it below.

(I love putting this everywhere).

Here is the treflip.


I love most 6 sets where you can make cool tricks