street riders what are you riding on and what do you think makes a good street uni?

Gest what the subject says. I am riding on a Torker Dx 20. I dont know much about good street riding so why dont you tell me whats makes a good street uni.

I prefer a nimbus with strong hub. Look more towards the trails unis. Those make good street unis. Maybe change them up alittle bit to suit your needs. Big tire, more air pressure than trials, and a strong hub and cranks. yep. Should be good. Good luck in your journey. lol. Add me, i remember riding torker DX 20" for street last summer, lol.

-Shaun Johanneson

Anything splined and with a 2.5" tire, stiff seat. I would not recommend any crank/hub that is tapered. I totally abuse my street/trials unis and have never had a problem with the old style KH crank nor my profile set-up. Some made be gentle/smooth enough for a tapered set-up to last but not me.



any bedford hardcore uni in the trial section is perfect

Im not looking to buy gest looking for imfomation,what tipe of unicycles do you all use what are the goods and bad s of that unicycle what about tires im geting the 2.4 for a 20 inch rim. how about peddals gest looking to learn more of what i am geting my self into. Lol

Koxx One Hub with 110mm cranks
Nimbus II frame
Primo Comet tire 110psi
Oddessey 7k-a rim
Snafu pedals with grind plates
kh seat

why do you like the thiner tire?

Well what i call street riding is skate park type stuff, and with the thiner tire that lets you front and back spin faster, acelerate faster, and over all run smoother, i love it for street riding.

ohh… so no trials style stuff for you

No, i have a trials, and do trials.

Kool what about all you others out there?

you dont need a street unicycle to ride street. Just ride street with what ever you got.

Its really only a different tire half the time

I’d say a regular 2.5" trials. You can still spin/backspin stuff on it, its harder but still…

But, I guess it all depends on riding style. a thinner smoother tire for more spinng/manuvering tricks, and for more of a flatland kind of street, with some freestyle, and a trials tire for more of an obstacle/grinding jumping kind of street, with a touch of flashy trials in it.

Alot of people will disagree but all you need is some plastic pedals and a low seat and your set for street riding.

yaa you right

ok but what is ideal?
eljest whta do you ride on what do you like and what dont you like about past unis and didnt like about past unis?
One more time i am not looking to buy gest looking for infomation.

I ride on a nimbus frame and the rest is kh spares. I don’t really know anything about past unis becouse I started last year uniing, but I know one thing, that KH03 is the best looking unicycle.

peace, simon.