street ride PICTURES BABY

this is riding street the good old way, without crank flips and stuff.

Check it, how can they be better??

You should have grinded pic four, not ridden it. Cool pics though.

haha, sick
looks like some big street/trials

i like it, video any time soon?

edit: the first one could have 2-3 times as many stairs…


i like it, video any time soon?


nope, broke my video camera.

Awsome Pictures. I agree a picture of you grinding would be great.

cough oversaturated cough

You look like Ivan.

Or, if you prefer, Ivan looks like you.

Awesomely clear pics!!

Nice pictures :smiley:

How do u take pictures like that? I’ve tried before but i cant do it… :frowning:
(the ones where where it shows you more than once)

Or can u just tell me wat its called so i can google it? :stuck_out_tongue:

You just take a bunch of pictures in rapid succession with a tripod then combine in photoshop.

I liked the first and fourth the most. The first one looks sweet with the vibrant colour and all the graffiti

yeah, the graffiti was cool. you should get some shin guards


sweet pics. But isn’t “riding street the good old way, without crank flips and stuff” called trials? :thinking: nice riding. sucks about yur video camera:(

i dont think that street means you need crank flips. its like saying riding street bmx needs bar spins. its just a popular trick.

i don’t mean to push the issue and be a pain but i thought that street w/o tricks was called trials… i wasn’t criticizing… just merely pointing it out