Street pictures thread.

There’s been a couple of threads around lately (and not so lately) showing pictures of people riding unicycle and i was a bit disappointed in the lack of street/trials pictures. So! Post your best pictures (i don’t give a fr**t whether they’re blurry or not, just as long as they look cool). I’m not good enough to bother carrying around a camera so apologies for lack of my own pictures.

here it’s me doing a varial.
hope the attachment works

Varial 2.jpg

Hey mate,

Iv been looking for an excuse to post these, they are of Leo, my little brother.

These ones are me, but im crap so they are not anything special.


Rock on!

Me -> Shifty stairset

Different angle

Me -> Handrail grind

Different angle

can’t see 'em

I like this one…

Here’s some pics I took yesterday…

Tire Grab :

360 Unispin :

Stand Up WW :

And some older…

Shifty 11 stairs :

4 stairs set :

That’s all…


P.S. : Do you like my hat ?

woow, shitfy a 11 set?:open_mouth: thats huge, did you land it?

Here they are again as attachment…



OMG you’ve got like the same hat as me! I’ll try to make a pic soon…

lol I landed it but it was only a 9…I just wanted to see if I was good at Photoshop :smiley:


That is an awsome pic. Like the best one I’ve seen in a long time. I love your style man.

he won the koxx photo contest with it:p its cool

like if extremtrialist could stand up ww…

Shut up ! They didn’t know that ! :roll_eyes:



bah I still love you

I don’t really take pictures very often (except at conventions and stuff) so most of mine are old… However, I’ll try to take some more good one’s sometime…

This one is a little over 11 months old:

This one is from last week (tire grab off the log)

this is my favorite picture

Who would wan’t a koxx t shirt?