Street Photos.

I was lucky enough to catch up with two great street riders in my area and was lucky enough to get some great photos… I’ll link them off here for people to see.
I’d love to hear any comments or critism on how to improve…
Thanks in advance…
Jump 7 Stair -
360 UniSpin -
Seat Grap -
360 UniSpin 2 -
SeatDrop -
Rail -
RailRiding -

those are awesome

Those are pretty cool, you must have a pretty fancy camera to be able to do those multiple shot things.

Yeh i like the first one, what camera have you got and how many mutliple pictures does it take in one go?

I have a Nikon D70
If I shoot on a lower quality to get alot in a row, I can get about 19 in a row…
Otherwise it’s around 5-6 before the buffer slows down

Really nice, I like that first one. It wasn’t in the ZIP file you sent me. Great pics!


Is that Tomsey?

Or Dan Cowling…

First one is Dan, it says so below the photo on the site.


I loved the multiple shots.
Those were some wicked awesome pics.
Makes me want it to be summer so I can ride fo real again.

awesome photos. What program did you use to do the sticthing, Photoshop?

i did the stitching with photoshop,
the photos are of dan cowling.
if any other sydney photographers want their photos taken, let me know…

i know that guy!

Im sure I should remember the name of the other guy in the photos. We met at the australian bike show I think. Maybe Andrew remembers?

I remember him doing 3 or 4 consecutive unispins…but not his name :).


they r sick as bro!!!

I love photography and unicycling :smiley:

I cant wait for u to come down to melbourne for a ride and a shoot, we shall have a sweet time :sunglasses:

Those pictures actually made me consider changing to street riding, instead of trials. I will definitily be incorporating more street into my uniriding though. Maybe my trials insight will lead to some new tricks :slight_smile:

You should upload those pictures in a HIGHER resolution version somewhere so I can use them as a wallpaper on my PC.

Thoes were so good

i think im going to cry now

Those were so good…

I think im going to cry now

If anyone does want wallpaper size files, let me know and I’ll put them up somewhere.
Also, am out shooting all weekend, so if anyone has some suggestions, or requests, let me know and I’ll do my best to capture it.
And if any aussies are out there, let me know!

you should be able to use the galleries feature of the site to upload your pictures. deviantart is always slow and annoying, check out the galleries instead.