Street Photos and Small Vid...

Here’s some more street photos from a small ride from tonight.
This was just experimenting a bit more with remote flashes to try get a more interesting effect than normal lighting
Again, any comments or criticism are welcomed and encouraged.
Also, a small video of one of my most proud achievements, a 180 unispin 5 weeks into riding, sorry about the poor qual but it’s taped off an LCD screen with a crappy digicam

good job if u change ur hand position it will work better

Why would it? Loads of people hop right foot forward and right hand on the handle. It’s personal preference, no?

Anyway -that’s some nice photography molab! I have’t had chance to check out the video yet.


I think thats a ok position for just doing 180’s but holding the sides of the seat helps and then you can do it faster.

I place my hands on opposing sides of the saddle (left hand on right side, right hand on left), left hand frontmost. by ‘crossing’ my arms and pulling them past each other like this I can get very rapid spin rates on the uni, and with a very low hop can still get the uni 360 degrees underneath me. Can’t land it yet though. The front-back method is nice practice for when you want to go from seat-in to seat-out by unispinning between them, you just grab the handle and jump.


5 weeks? Props to you man, that’s crazy.I can’t see the video, cuz I’m at school, but thats still awesome…congratulations!

180 unispin… looked too easy

does dan ever change clothes? or wash for that matter?

cool pics, cant wait till i can get some cool pics like that

haha tomsey,
it’s not easy for me yet…
I got my lizard skins today and my GP should arrive tomorrow.
We need to set a day to go take photos for sure…
hopefully soon, we need to talk a bit about the Street weekend too.