street performing help

i need help and a few questions answered.

what all do i need? I have unicycle stuff, can juggle a little,starting to learn balloon animals, and a few other things.

can i basicly do it anywhere that has bussiness?

thats all the questions i have for now. thanks.
ps:i might have some more questions later

some places you need a permit.

i used to do street magic, and whenever i did it on the pearl street mall i needed a permit. but its not really a big deal.

where can i get a permit

Contact the town, they should have info or be able to point you in the right direction.

Street theater is more about a good presentation rather then stunning skills. A few simple tricks well presented will work better then doing something really hard without the show.

Watch other performers. Notice that, in most cases, they get and hold a crowd based on personality and interaction rather than doing cool tricks. Start thinking of acts you can do, and how you can involve audience members. Other performers may also be able to tell you about the permit stuff, but if they don’t like you they may give bogus information…

the only bad thing is i don’t get to see to many street performers unlessi go to the city beside of me.

Here ya go.

All you need is some branches to hide behind. :wink: