Street Performers Survey

Hi there.

My name is Chris Coxon.

I am part of the small (but dedicated!) team working towards the opening of New
Zealand’s first circus school in Feburary 1996, in Christchurch New Zealand. My
part of the team effort has been to focus on and research the possible
employment opportunities and incomes that graduates can expect on completion of
their two year full-time circus course.

Currently I am focusing on street performing/theatre as a source of income.

To this end I have compiled a quick list of questions on street performing
and income.

Obviously as questions about incomes are of a personal nature,I promise that all
your answers will be kept anonymous and confidential. They will be compiled
together into a report that will be presented to the NZ circus committee in a
couple of months.

Thankyou for your offer to help with this project. - We greatly appreciate
your help :slight_smile:

If you could answer the following questions as quickly as possible, with as much
detail as you can, and Email the completed survey back to my Email address:

Thanks again! - Good luck.

Chris :slight_smile:

Street Performing Survey 14/2/95

Are you a full time or part time entertainer/performer?

How long have you been performing?

How long have you been performing on the street?

What sort of training have you had? [self taught, mime/circus school, dance
training, music training etc.?]

What skills do you utilize in your show?
[mime/juggling/acrobatics/contortionism/magic etc?]

What percentage of your income is from street performing?

What percentage of your income is from other forms of entertainment?

Estimate of ‘hat’ (money collected) per street show/performance? Weekly income?
[Average] Annual income? [Average]

How long is you street show/performance?

How many shows do you perform per day? - (Or how many hours per day to you work
on the streets?)

Does you hat fluxuate greatly? - If so, can you suggest what factors might
affect your busking income? [eg. location, weather, skills, city?]

How do seasons affect your street performing? [eg. winter]

In what other areas do you use your skills to generate income? [eg. Coperate
work, TV, birthday parties etc]

What are your opinions/ideas on street performing as an income? - Can it be
considered a reliable source of income, or do you need an auxillary source of
income as well?

Do you have any other ideas or observations on street performing that you would
like to share?

Thanks again for your help :slight_smile:


Chris Coxon 113 Vagues Road Christchurch 8005 New Zealand Ph +64-03-3527934