[Street/Park] September 6th

Today’s ride at our skatepark.
Broke part of my rim and have to run 35 spokes until I can get another rim.


Ouch! :astonished: You can see the tire folding over on the other side. It sounded like a wet bag of cement hitting the ground! Sorry that happened and hope you can get the new rim soon.


Yeah… I didn’t have enough air, didnt think I would need anymore then I had.
I was going to try to crankflip the set after.

pshhh now you wanna flip that drop with no pads!!!? :roll_eyes: lol that was awesome tho.
And Blind grind to flip out!!! that was nnnniiiiiiiiicee

Haha… I got it my first 2 trys… then failed in front of camera for like 10 trys.
And I even latebacked up the curb… way better than just flipping up it :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks, that was my third time grinding that 5 set blind. Once I get to slide to the end though the flip out was easy.

yea i know, i just wanted to kid you about the flip down cause you weren’t gonna do it last time. I would of doubleflipped up if you had been more patient filming:D.

I liked it man. You are good. Nice style.
I like watching raw footage, its feels very realistic.

Nice sound effects too.

I liked the flip out of the blind grind and the lateback up the curb. sweet.


Eli, you need to learn latebacks… I can latehickback up a curb.