Street or trials?

Hi there! Sorry to bother you people but I was wondering… What the hell should I do!? The thing is I’m going to be ordering a new kris holm 20 inch unicycle soon and was asking if you guys could help me pick between trials or street. I want to do both just as bad but I know people always say to get 125 for street and 137 for trials. What I’m wondering is why? Does the length matter that much? Which size should I get if I want to specialize in both? Is it hard or bad to do trials on 125s or street on the 137s? Also, UDC recently (I think recently) released some new cranks which are size 140. I don’t know how strong these cranks are or if they are even right for me. I hope that at least one has gone through the same thin I’m going through right now. Well thanks for for reading( and hopefuly answering) and goodnight!


You can do both with 125s or 137s. To me it doesn’t make a difference but there are people who disagree. I have 125s and I do trials and street with them. I don’t think they make trials any harder and I don’t think they make street any easier than 137s. But, as I said, some people will disagree. As for the new Nimbus Venture cranks, they come in 125 and 150. They’re not as strong as the indestructible Moments, but they’ll still take a ton of abuse and they’re lighter. I have 150 Ventures on my MUni and I don’t think I would be able to bend them if I tried.

I think you would be safe going with the 125 Moments, the 137 Moments, or the 125 Ventures. There are only slight differences between all of them and whatever you choose it won’t be long before you’ve gotten used to them.

I’m using 137 for both street and trials. You can do fliptricks quite a bit faster with 125, but you have more control with the 137, which is nice when you are hopping on a pole or riding along skinnies. If you can’t do fliptricks yet, I’d say go for the 137, and if you can, go for the 137.

Yeah don’t worry about the crank length at all. I have a KH 20 (07 model) with 137’s and I use it for both street and trials. I really don’t see the difference they are fine for both :slight_smile:

If you really want to specialize in both, buy both.

But until then, just pick one. 125 will be a little quicker, and won’t hit the ground as much when you turn. 137 will give you more leverage, which can be handy for learning new tricks.

But now go check out how much twelve centimeters is. Not that much. Flip a coin if you can’t decide… :slight_smile:

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I have always used 125 moments for eveything pretty much even MUni until I built up my MUni…

But asking on here most likly wont answer your question mainly because every one has there own opinion… But to discover what length you really want I’d say get 137 moments and a pair of 125 ventures, that way you have both pairs to expairment with

i dont think 125’s flip any faster than 137’s.Someone along the line said 125’s were better and everyone else just went with the trend.I think 137’s is definately the way to go.Plus longer cranks = better looking flips

Street or trials? Strials :sunglasses:


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Treet, I like that! Next is trick or treet on Hallorween.
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I can feel difference between 125 and 137.

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Street? Trials? I thought everyone was riding flux these days.

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Both !!! .

Surley trials specific parts will last longer if you just do flat but i would say go for strong and light