Street or Trials Unicycle?

I am buying a uni, and had decided on the Nimbus 20" Street Unicycle.

However, I just learned that street and trials unicycles are different, but I don’t understand how they are.
Could someone please enlighten me on the difference and perhaps recommend one or the other? (Nimbus looks pretty good for both to me).

it is very good for both, the trials unicycle usually used 137-140mm cranks and street is 125-130. trials has grippy pedals and street uses plastics.

For street most use a regular trials uni and yes some prefer shorter cranks - u could ride faster for stuff like jumping down big sets of stairs, and crank flips spin faster (I saw a guy get plenty of speed to jump a 10 set w/ 145’s)

Some prefer a true 20 BMX size wheel (more common w/ flat riders), and a few prefer a 24".

The 19" Street is a good uni, it will work well for trials, flat, or street.

Both of those are almost the exact same uni. The trials version has longer crank arms as more torque is better for trials. Both uni’s will work for both trials and street.

I ride with 137s with jcpcs for trials and street And have no issues with crank flips and such

Ah thanks guys, I ordered the nimbus 20 street. Hope to get riding soon!
Still have to heal my arm a bit from my last fall.

hm, the udc gremlin street and gremlin trials are different prices :thinking: the frame…?

Good point, I hadn’t noticed that. The street frame looks less likely to hit your knees on. It looks better than the trials, but that could just be me.

I have both frames and the street is a very good frame for all riding