Street or Flat- help me decide!

Haha so I know this is my own choice and all, but I honestly can’t decide, and I want some outside opinions. I’ve been focusing on street for a while, and I noticed that I suck at flat hahaha. All I have are my flips (sej’s and treytrips are my best tricks) but my rolls are horrible. I also feel like I can’t get much better at street :frowning: So I’m stuck on whether I want to get better at what I love to do street, (which is also very painful :stuck_out_tongue: ) or get better at flat, something I still enjoy doing, and would like to become better at, but that I’ve never cared too much for. I feel like flat is what gets the most attention nowadays, so I feel like I should do that. I also don’t want to do both because then I get good at nothing hahaha.

I’m just confused lol. So just vote on what you think I should do. Thanks!

I think that you should keep doing much street, but also more flat :slight_smile: Your rolls are very good, but they can always be better :stuck_out_tongue:


But seriously, I think you’d get a lot out of working on flat for a while, even if it is just to make you a more rounded rider! :slight_smile:

streeeeeeeeeeeeeet doooooooood. you’ve improved so fast. you should stick with it. and get better than shaun j. i think you can!

Getting stuck can be horrible for your learning, so I’d mix flat and street. There’s no hurry to be the best at some style, the real point is to enjoy yourself and if U get stuck you won’t.

I think you should ride street… Find yourself some mannypads and do small technical street. Make yourself a more rounded out street rider instead of going huge and hurting :stuck_out_tongue:

edit: Of course, it couldn’t hurt to be good at flat, too.

dude its so simple just combine them! haha but really. i vote street. there is an infinite number of things to do you just gotta be creative. you dont see a whole lot of creative street riding.

I would say street! I really love ur street style! 'cause u make big tricks on big stairs! excamble how many here have treydouble flipped a 6 stair? and most big riders only do hoptwists, shifty, crankflips and tricks like that (not that it isnt cool). big tricks, big style and big stairs! go for it Colby :smiley:

Just do whatever you want too! I just love Street/Flat… I like to do both… I was more into flatland, last weeks I’ve been doing more street…Is just about what you fell better…

If there’s something that I learned in my life, it’s: Do whatever you like… If you like it, and do it with passion, you’ll do it well!

Why couldn’t you do both? I do both, but I do mostly trials, I dont ride some street and flatland sometimes too, I might start riding street a little bit more since now I know I have a very cool style that makes me good at it:p But really, I ride every style except Freestyle.