[STREET]NEW Voodoo Unicycles Video - Simon Berry Ft Jason Auld

This is a video that has been in production for a while now. Not our highest skill level (I know everyone says that), we just wanted to put something out there and show the community what we have to offer. Not much more to say, hope you like it, if so, let us now, and there will be plenty more to come.

Show your support by wearing your Voodoo T-shirts, they can be bought at http://www.voodoounicycles.com.

Thanks to the forums for continued support and inspiration, where would we be without you all.


Now on Vimeo :slight_smile:

Expect some big things from Team Voodoo throughout 2010!

nice foot plant 1 spin of the bin jason , thanks to simon for correcting me ! :sunglasses:

I liked the 180 unispin foot plant to one footed wheel walk and the foot jam to 180 unispin (drop). the fakie 360 unispin up the ledge was cool too.

Simon’s stand up wheel walk was clean. I enjoyed that vid.

Just remembered, Simon, you missed out a really good clip of me. Too late? Will I just stick it in the next vid?

Thanks for comments so far, always appreciated.

yeah i forgot to tell you, the comp i edit on’s internet mucked up and i couldnt download it. I would just put it on your next vid

I enjoyed. The dude riding the blue KH was really creative.

Cool creative stuff Jase

Lol at the shirt:
I <3 pies.

i recognise that green rim simon!
good to see it is being put to good use :slight_smile:

great video all:D

haha thanks man, it sure is a nice rim :smiley:
Thanks for all the comments guys :slight_smile: