[Street] New little Video

Hi, that’s my new little street video.
The footage is from the last two weeks. It’s nothing special, because I was injured.
I hope you like it.
In the next video, there will be very more flips & tech grinds and lines.

Links Vimeo: (youtube link is coming soon)


go on Street!!!

ps: thanks to Chris & Sophia & Cedric for motivating to ride more street!

24! yes, the big wheels are coming back.

nice vid, that was fun. really enjoyed that a lot.


Agree with Justin. Rocking the 24" … rocked :slight_smile:

nice grinds! u hav to land that big (14 set?) handrail!

Awesome video! Sick grinds and 24 inch stuff :slight_smile:

Iactually didn´t like the vid, it gave me a cold feeling, and you were falling all the time. but what you did was awesome. You have no fear!

and. you stole the song that we are planning to use in our next video :wink: , but we re still gonna use it, cause editing didn´t match music :).

I liked it but there was too many grind bails IMO. The 360 off the rail grind was really cool. Was the las grind on your 24" blind!?

thank you all for the comments :slight_smile:
24 riding is improving, I started riding the 24" with not so big tyre five days ago, it’s really fun, but i’m not happy with it, because with a 24" unicycle tricks/things/lines have to be done with more speed :slight_smile:

@ Isaac Conyers: yeah, i really want grind this 14set :slight_smile: In 11 days german street tour starts

@ emile, no it wasn’t a blind grind :slight_smile: but i also thougt to do it, but i had a flat tire after trying doubleflip down 4er set :frowning:

@ Josefposef: i’m really looking forward to your vid :slight_smile:

nice buchi !!
i love the grinds ! 24" looks very good ! :wink:



dude, I enjoyed that! Thank you for making it. Ride on!

yea i know, i keep hearing about it lol

nice video buchi :wink: u should get this long handrail wich was more flat what u have done with your 20. that is awesome :sunglasses:

:slight_smile: thanks again;
in some weeks, there will be a very big street video online with many riders :slight_smile:

here youtube link: