[Street] My Flips

Good job with all the flips. I thought it was a little boring, but still very impressed with how clean you have got them.

i use sex as a descriptive all the time…

if a buddy lands a trick smooth ill say “that was sex”

that type thing

its life…haha

sick as usual surfer

nice flips. Makes me want to be out of school so I could go work on those. Very nice video.

the difference between a 180 flip and a hickflip?. nice flips.

A 180 flip is a flip with a 180 twist. A hickflip is a flip with a 180 unispin.

that’s hilarious.

nice work, I wish I could 180 flip.

just learning the names of all the flips is a trick.
nicely done. and I like the seat drop bow at the end