[Street] My Flips

I filmed this 2 days ago, all of my crankflip variations, enjoy!

Wow, nice work.

Thanks Danni

Lesser Quality (youtube)

Wow those are some long cranks haha. Get some smaller ones and I’m sure you’ll be landing doubles in no time.

Oh man! Good Job!
Since I read your postings here(last summer?) I’m just one step behind you! :angry: :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:
These are exactly my flipstricks excluded the varialflip.
So I guess, I have to learn them next… :smiley:

Thanks for the comments guys!

I’m thinking about getting some 127mm qu-ax s just for street or getting an isis wheelset with some moments some time soon.

That was good, lots of flips in there…On Vimeo it could have used de-interlasing…

I enjoyed it:)


That was great man. Nice music too, totally chill like and flowly. You hit all the flip tricks clean too (let’s not count varial flip that was is a bit tricky to do clean, lol).

-Shaun Johanneson

Awesome man. My favourites were the sex change and varial flip. I watched it on vimeo and it would have been better if it was de-interlaced.

Nicely editted to. the black and white worked well and it was cool how you did it all in the same spot.

EDIT: the music was also really good. and I just noticed that the yellow on your unicycle was still there. which looked cool.

Great Job


and good job surfer, way ahead of me now

learn 5 spins and treflips

Ahaha right, typo.

When I was editing the movie my sister started watching me edit and saw that title and thought it was weird and told my parents who said they didn’t like the trick name and said I couldn’t put it in there.

S-X Change sounds better:p Good name:)

I didnt say anything is wrong with that word. Its just S-X Change sounds so flowy.


I guess they don’t like you, if they don’t like what made you :wink:

No they’re fine with sex but they don’t like changing your gender or whatever.

Lets try and keep the topic on the movie though.

Nice video all of those were so clean. looked hawt

i liked it. ive noticed that most of the videos now a-days ar black and white. its getting a lil old.
but still good.

sick vid man.

You have a knack for flips

I wouldn’t say most of them are. There are a decent amount though. It was kinda grey out anyway that day and I wanted to do something different and try editing a bit better than I usually do.