[Street] Morning School Session (During my lunch period)

Thursday, 5/7/09, at 9:30-10:00am

That outdouble was nice and the 180 double was clean

very nice vid

Thanks guys.

Very nice vid! loved the double outflip and 180 doubleflip

sry to post/bump a 2nd time, but here’s youtube


Out doubleflip was so nice looking! Now get a Varial doubleflip.

ok i will. thanks

enyojable vid. yeah out double was amazing
and the late flip was insanely late :astonished:

Sweet, that was such a sick outdouble. it looked awesome. The 180 double was really clean. Nice.

Very awesome!!!:wink:

That was nice. You improved a lot since NAUCC.

Thanks Pele and everyone else. Oh yea, to Max: i got varial doubles in about 10 tries today.

I’ve never landed an outdub with your stance :stuck_out_tongue: only varialdubs

I liked it. I guess…