[Street] Monotréal @ Taz

Hi all,

Last Wednesday, we went riding at the Taz, our indoor skatepark. It was a lot of fun, and Ed did a cool edit of the day. Here it is :


Enjoy !


You practicing rolling SIF hops now ?? They are sweeeeet, I might try a few.

Sick place to ride, i wish i had something like that near my place. Great riding guys

That was great :D! Haven’t heared that song in ages, brings back memories :D.
Riding was very good ^^.

love the edit! makes me feel good and wanna go ride!

Awesome, I love it. I’ll probably be watching this again :stuck_out_tongue:

Awesome video! It looks like you guys had a lot of fun!

sweet video guys, loving the full out flips! clearly the best tirck on a unicycle.

Nah, not really. I just did this one for fun and because I wasn’t able to do it static SIF.

And Sam, yeah Full Outflips are nice, but probably the most painful trick. Both Ed and I always end up with our second hand weirdly crushed under our butt. I also find that they are hard to get consistant, except (for me atleast) down a set.

Thanks everyone (though I am not the one who deserves all the credits) !


That was a great video. Very fun to watch. Great tricks too.
Hugo, you have amazing hop twists, I’m very jealous.

the SIF 180 was absolutely mind blowing :smiley:

loved it man, your videos are so enjoyable to watch

Awesome vid, I want to come ride with you guys again :slight_smile:

and rolling sif hops are the best. Especially 180s, for me it’s easier to do a full 180 then straight up rolling hop :stuck_out_tongue:

That was a fun ride, I wish I had my trials unicycle with me tho. It’s fun Ed’s video being greatly recieved here.

Wow, thanks for all the comments!
I’m pretty much in shock…
Glad you all liked it!

ahahaha how do you manage that? i also cant get them consistent other then off things. on the flat i could get maybe 1 in 10 or so. off ledge or set maybe 1 in 3 or 4. they just look so nice though :slight_smile: