[STREET] Mikael Hebert 2009 Video!

there we go! comment plz

haha great vid man!

I loled at the blind stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

That was awesome!

Nice style, riding, editing, it was a nice video :smiley:

It was like the whole film was an introduction. It wasn´t much riding in there, but it seems like you are having fun! :slight_smile:

cool! it was basically a fun vid and i like fun vids

kind of true hahah.

hm, idk man…
you’re insane, no doubt haha
it’s a nice vid, but only without the irritating music imo (i thought you wanted to use some kind of metal track… :roll_eyes: )

haha nice vid to watch !!
I really enjoyed watching it !! :):slight_smile:

nice video

but your toe is gonna give me nightmares

nice vid man…the blind session was awesome but the music was terrible:D

hahaha that was awesome:p I actually really liked that thing where you were on the skateboard, jumped to the barrel, and then to the unicycle. Reminded me of William Spencer. And I also liked the doubleflip-wheelwalk, and the stuff with the tape over your eyes. Especially when you fell;).

wait, I messed up the order:p barrel, skateboard, then uni. :roll_eyes:

That vid was just crazy awesome :stuck_out_tongue:

the spanish version of the song is the gayest song i ever hear:p:D:D
btw, nice video

yes Eli, william spencer inspirated me alot on this video has you can see.

Cool video bro. Liked your uni!

:stuck_out_tongue: Now you just need to ditch the skateboard and do it uni-uni :roll_eyes: :slight_smile:

look at 1min 12

Haha I loved all of the sorta “extra, messing around, stuff”.

Nice doubleback down the 3 set too.

I enjoyed this vid a lot.

im glad to hear this by you! :slight_smile: