street Matthew Pederson

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Yo Matthew,

That was tight dawg. Only thing is, we saw earlier you hopping on wheel, we don’t need to see you hopping on wheel 36 times, in slow motion none the less, but you’re improving a lot man! keep it up!

yeah next time 10x :p. cool tho.

and somehow…there’s 2 of me subscribed to you :thinking: :thinking: lol


Yeah, but on the 90 unispin I just hopped like three times and I couldn’t count how many times I did hopped on wheel in the other clip. I wanted to do it normal and have it count up really fast but yeah, I know what you mean, I always skip that part of the video when I watch it. But may I remind you of Thom Bros where you did like 100 treyflips?

Maybe if you unsubscribe and then re-subscribe it will stop. Or there’ll be 3 of you.

Looks like you’re pretty good at tire hopping. You should try it seat in back, and maybe try 180 unispins on tire.

edit: Nice, video by the way.

hahahaha pwned ! :smiley:

gah, don’t remind me XD

I’m a changed man:D

So now carpet counts as street?

No, carpet doesn’t count street I guess. I messed up. My next video will be better and correctly labeled.

Hehe. Lounge room. I’ve seen some of your other posts, all you pretty much say is “ya faggot”. And I will never slo mo hop on my tire again, that was foolish of me. And no need for language…ya douche.

i liked everything but the slowmo, but thats been said before :smiley:
does that mount where your left foot is on the right crank then you jump and 180 have a name? i can do it, i just dont know what it’s called :L

I don’t know what it’s called. It’s pretty fun and easy.

yeah i know :smiley: i love doing it, its a nice flashy mount!
any idea how you’d get into it from actuall riding though, i tried and failed :\

You could do a
into it. :roll_eyes: (That one’s inward cause I couldn’t find a normal one but the ending is still the same…)

Cool video by the way! The first 30-40 seconds were great. :slight_smile: