[Street] Loading in Progress...

Hey !

My new video, “Loading in Progress…”

YouTube link

Enjoy !


Very good. I loved the big street. But the center point on the rail for all that time was a little too much.

That was good. I loved the big gap over the grass, and the switch 180 off the skinny. song scared me.

Yeah me too actually. I quickly hit mute cause it was really loud.

Oww…that’s too bad, I passed over an hour to make the music fits with the video…anyway, after looking at it a couple of time, I think the music sucks too.


I liked the music.

I thought it was really good, but the standstill on the rail was just a bit overdone.

Is it correct to fall in love with his favorite uni-buddy?

That 10 set is huge…
Really good video ! keep it up. I cant wait to ride with you again

Ahah ! Yeah, if it’s me, it’s ok !

I can’t wait to ! I wanna see how you look without hair ! :stuck_out_tongue:

I love you too Julien !


very nice.

nice vid…
are your ankles and knees hurting yet from jumping down huge sets?
system of a down isnt scary, its awesome!
thats cool u can balance on that rail for a long time, wish my balance was that good…i liked though how u did some of the vid then went back then did some of the vid then went back to the rail though…

haha tes cheveux hugo :smiley:

video bien cool , les gaps sont bien énormes.



loved it…

Ouais, on voit que t’en profite Samiaul, quand tu peux parlé français, tu saisis l’occasion…pour te compliquer la vie…

Thanks Samiaul, yeah I cut my hair one month ago for an organization which collects found to help to the research for cancer. I like it that way, it’s much more fresh the summer.


That was a really good video Hugo! Your so good at doing stand stills!


haha , that’s the best way to decide to cut our hairs :smiley:

and yes , i enjoy speak french in an english discussion after one week of flucks where i didn’t stop to speak english :stuck_out_tongue:

that was amazing hugo, way to go. That 10 set was huge!!! amazing!

Wow! That was really good!

On all of those jumps off the four set did you do cut the tape between them? Did you land all of them in succession like that? It’s hard to tell because most of the time you rode off camera. If so that’s pretty impressive:D

How long have you been riding?

It would have been better if it were sped up by 2 or 3 x’s w/ an elapsed time counter until you rode off.

that 10 stair was awesome.
cool viddy

HQ downloadable version?

I highly approve of the System of a Down song.