[Street] Kasjeh (Hugo Duguay)

Here’s a small edit of Hugo, the clips are from summer 2010. Hopefully you’ll enjoy, pretty much all the spots in the video are never seen locations by you guys so it’ll be even more interesting to watch. =)


Cool video. I wish it was longer but still pretty cool.

Nice, I really liked that. My favorite part was the outflip down the 6(?) set.

siiick sick stuff hugo, your rolling gaps just keep getting better! loved the full out flip 3 stair and out flip 5 as well :slight_smile: and the 540 drop! it was all awesome actually :slight_smile:

You like the offspring don’t you Emile. Cool vid thanks for putting it together.

Sick street Hugo, loved the 540 drop. The 180 gap line looked awesome on video.

I like it a lot. The filming and riding are really great.

Awesome vid. I liked the fulloutflip 3 stair :slight_smile:

HUGO u big boy. 180 gap looked sweet as, but the 540 was a real winner. good cinematographic and editing skills too emile :slight_smile:

I wish it was longer too. But with Émile at the circus school and me studying a lot, we do not get so much time to ride together. There were still lines I wanted to do for this video that we couldn’t get on tape which will have to wait for next year, due to bad weather.

In fact, I love the Offspring. It might be why there is a big concentration of their music in our vids.

Indeed, thanks a lot Émile for this awesome edit. And of course thanks everyone for your comments.

Émile, I am still unsure of what is the title. Is it “Qu’ai-je dit ?”, “Jackass” or something else ?


Just added a vowel to the random thing I typed for the folder name the other day :wink:

So do I, but that is pretty much the only clips of Hugo I had :\

Thank you, and 5.

Hugo chose the song :wink: It was a pleasure =]

Thanks Isaac.

Thank you everyone else I didn’t quote for your comments.

Woah, that was sick.

Personall7y i loved the rolling 180 gap. It looked good and the tyre made a really satisfiying noise :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks and your last sentence made me laugh.

Thiz video waz genuinely inzpiring. I <3 using z’z