Street - Jason Auld, Edmund Leduc, Sam Taylor

What do you think?

Nice vid, makes me want to ride…

Anyone else got any comments for us?

I liked it guys :slight_smile:

some sweet creative stuff in there! fakie 360 unispin up was awesome and the caught double in that line. love all that lines actually. thats what unicycling is all about! sweet lines

I think that the forums are mostly dead :frowning: everything is just facebook.

And most people just hit the “like” button. if they can even be bothered doing that. a few leave comments. but this forum gets none of the action anymore!

nice work guys

Yes, this forum really is dying :o, there are even only a couple of games going on, but mostly beginner
I loved the first line, that doamono described, there are some really high hops in there, nice video :wink:

There are actually lots of active users here 40 and up. Most of them are Muni riders, though. I agree there isn’t as much street/flatland participation here from the younger crowd as I would like to see. However, some big talent like Mike Padial, Julia Belk and Eli Brill still post here on a regular basis.

Facebook only works for people that go by their real name or for people you know. For people just getting into the sport, they are more likely to come here first than find you on Facebook. So, if you guys are abandoning these forums, I think you are missing out on some of your audience.

I like all your videos guys. You put a lot of effort into making your videos ‘watchable’ and you do look as if you are all having fun.
The ‘tricks’ and riding that you do is amazing :slight_smile: Keep on posting please.

Thanks everyone for the kind words, all 3 of us are delighted that you guys have enjoyed our work.

The forums are definitely quieter but like was previously mentioned, this will still be many peoples’ first port of call for learning and discovering about Unicycling, so I’ll continue to post videos and take part in discussion.

Thanks again,


Oooh, really nice guys. I liked it a lot. Treyflip from the grind was probably my favorite clip.

Gotta comment on that sick clip with the logo and the remixed Office theme. That’s so dope hahaha. :stuck_out_tongue: