[Street] I wish I had 2 cents


(Youtube later)

I made this vid a week and a half ago but I just got to upload it.

Comments and Criticism welcome!!!

I’ve been wanting to see this for awhile now…

I wish it would convert faster!

Edit: what happened there?!?! it started from the beginning! theres like 7 hours left!

Edit once more: nevermind…

1 min left.

I want to see it, put it on youtube, please :slight_smile:

Edit: nevermind…sorry for the useless post.

so much for being ready in a minute or two…

they sure are taking forever arent they

wow. its still not ready ive been sitting for about 25 minutes…

I can’t wait much longer

im starting to think its broken…

well, youre getting comments without a video. How awesome is that?

For me like 1 hour… please try to upload to youtube or try and re-upload it.

Boohoo guys… Just wait. :slight_smile:

It says 100% for me, so im going to cook up a meal and eat. If its still not done, ill jsut check it sometime tomorrow.

but what if I don’t make it until tomorrow!?!?!!?:stuck_out_tongue:

You will have to. But just remember, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure… Oh, wait… wrong motivational quote…

What I meant was, the best things come to those who wait… yeah, thats it.

I don’t understand what waiting is;)

Look it up on wikipedia, lol. Seriously though, its dragging on to two pages. Lets wait for it to actually work before posting again.

oops sry for the wait guys:o. I don’t know whats taking them so long:( . I’m gonna start uploading to youtube pretty soon.

Its up now but the video looks kinda laggy at some parts :thinking:


Its working now guys.

I need to sleep, coment coming soon…