[STREET] I want to be a best-Eddie Ducol

Here is my new video: “I Want To Be a best”
I think this is my best video.

Comments welcome!


so awesome! You are soo good. that´s what I want to see in a uni video!

really nice vid, one of the best street vids, I’ve ever seen :astonished:


love your style! your rolling seat out hops are so steeze! what was the second uni you used (not the alien)?

It’s an old 24 inch unicycle Koxx one

Awesome style :slight_smile: I like your gaps, back revs and creativity

So cool!

That was some amazing street. You’re hops are massive, I loved the 180 tire grab down the 7 set!

nice video, i love your style and backrevs :slight_smile:

Nice flow & serious air time & leap distances. :astonished: I’m thinking that even Unifreak7 (Shaun Johansen) would be very impressed.

Keep up the great work.


I liked it a lot :smiley: Continue the great riding! :smiley:

UniFreak7 is like Chuck Norris, nothing can impress him! :stuck_out_tongue:

duude i love your videos :slight_smile: please keep them coming

had to watch this vide twice. Partly because the riding was awesome. But mostly because of the song and the fact that you’re wearing a blazers jersey in a lot of the clips. They’re my hometown team. :stuck_out_tongue:

Reminded me of the Pohams. :smiley: