[Street] Hugo & Ed


Ed and I went for a ride again last Wednesday. We started with a pre-ride outside in the cold and headed up to the Taz afterward. Ed did another fun edit of the day and here it is :

Have fun !


Hugo! Thanks for uploading the vid!
I guess I’m finally beginning to use this big forum! Haha
Hope you all enjoy the vid!:slight_smile:

360 from bench to bench to outflip off was awesome. Would look sick with a varial flip tho eh? Nice stuff Hugo. And cool edit by Ed, nice 360 on wheel.

Yeah a varialflip off would have been nice, I didn’t even think about that. But actually, I did the outflip only because I was about to fall off, my original plan was to footplant on the pillar.

Thanks !

nice one guys :slight_smile: love watching your stuff. some nice lines and tricks in there

So sick!

When is the next taz ride? I want to try to convince my parents to bring me to montreal…

Le 30 janvier Max

Btw nice video boys

www.monotreal.com :wink:

Great moves…

Awesome :D. Nice lines and 360’s!

You guys are beasts! Good video

Awesome vid - I wish Adelaide had a ‘taz’ now :stuck_out_tongue: