[Street] Hugo & Ed II

Hey guys,

Last Saturday, Edmund and I went riding at the Taz skatepark to end (atleast, for me) the Christmas holidays on a good note. Our goal was to ride purely street, and I think we achieved it ! Here is the result :

Thanks a lot to Ed for the nice edit !


Nice riding! Hugo, you’re awesome at 24" street! I loved the 360 down the 8 set! I also think it’s cool that you can still do tech tricks like 540s and doublebackflips. And I really liked Ed’s blunt and fulloutsideflip off the bench!

So good! I’ll try to make it for the next taz sesh.

Hugo, je t’aime :slight_smile:

Moi j’aime Edmond.

=D yeah!! that is a really really nice vid :slight_smile:
love the 20"-24" mix! and the big-techn mix:p
you did some really nice rails, fulloutflips,… 360 down8set…
I enjoyed it a lot

omg that was really sick!
the 360’s on 24" were huuuuuge

I liked every single cilp! Can’t wait for another video! :slight_smile:

Loved your 360 over the bence Hugo! Maybe not the hardest thing in the vid but one of the coolest :smiley: Also I like the fact that you’re riding a 24" like it was a 20" :stuck_out_tongue: Funny thing is I think you’re going way bigger on 20" than 24" or was that just because you only had the skatepark to ride in?

I will say one thing that could be improved, it just one word. Focus… :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks everyone for the comments !

And Anton, you are right, for now I am still going bigger with my 20", but simply because I am not completely used to the big wheel. However, I can feel the difference in my pure rolling hops for sure (but that’s for another vid…). Also, in this video, I rode the 24" as a 20", but that was just because of the skatepark as you mentioned, and also to show myself that it was possible to do almost everything techy I can do on my trials (to maybe later do the same tricks, but on bigger sets).

Finally, yes we had some problem with focus, sorry about that. We used Ed’s old cam which defocuses sometimes for no reason, and his new T2i with which we sometimes forgot to use the auto-focus or to do the right focus when in manual focus. :o