Street: How to Catch Crankflips Tutorial Request

Hey guys,

Having just returned from BUC, despite not having a Street comp, my inability to catch crankflips is annoying me than ever!
I spoke to Mike Swarbrick about it and finely got the opportunity to see him demonstrate it. But as Mike admits himself, he can’t really articulate what needs to be done.

So here is my request to anyone who is it up to it. I’ve used the search function and I probably know all there is to know about what I should be doing. What I’m looking for, is someone to put those tips in with relavant clips and also things I can do to speed up the process e.g. Using a rail to hold myself up, I’ve tried this, but seeing it on film would help me understand if I’m doing it right or not.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can be bothered to throw one together.


Just bumping before I go to bed, hopefully find some replies in the morning.

Do you mean catching flips early? Or landing the trick?

If you mean catching flips early, there’s not too much that can be said on the topic. Try practicing by flipping much faster than usual, and then stop the pedal with your back foot. You don’t have to land it right away, just get the feel for the quick snap and then the stiffness of your back foot as you catch. It took me an incredibly long time to learn to catch my forward crankflips (I think I learned tripleflips before I could catch well), and then I just got it one day, so I’m not really sure if that much can be said about it, it seems like a “just do it one day” type of thing.

Yeah, I learned by just flipping hard like a double flip and jamming my backfoot back on the pedals. I would practice off a small drop or like a 3 set.

I think catching flips comes with doing them off something high enough that requires you to catch it.

They first happened when i flipped a two foot ledge, and the feeling has just stayed with me. just crankflip off something pretty high and it’ll come around.

also, envision there is no drop. this causes your body to think you’re doing a regular crankflip, when in fact there is still air under you.

Probably hard to understand but that’s my take on it. Pele had some good points too.

Just start doing them higher or off of things. I am pretty bad at it as well, but I found that doing crankflips off of things really helped. My problem is that when I try and catch it early I tend to get the whole crank instead of both pedals.

Shaun Johannesson did a tutorial some years ago.

A repro because he apparently took it off.

Jump for a single, kick for a double.


I’d make a quick vid if I could, thats actually a really good idea. But I can’t right now sorry.

Thanks for your advice so far guys,

The general concensus seems to be, practise makes perfect. Flip the cranks faster than usual and practise off a drop.
I’ll get to it as soon as the weather clears up.
Chris, if you can be bothered sticking a video together, I would still love to have a reference to look at.

Thanks again,


P.S. If you don’t know by now, I was talking about catching flips down sets, not just landing a crankflip.

Yeah once I’m better I’ll post something up, if someone hasn’t already done it before me. Which I wouldn’t mind. Its a really good idea.

I was gonna try and put something together, but I can’t ride at the moment either.

A tutorial from either of you, or anyone else who’s up to it, would be very much appreciated.


Anyone got a spare moment to put this together for me? I’ve been practising since I started this thread but I’m still not sure if I’ve got it. A tutorial would be a great help!

Maybe I’ll make a small tutorial if I have time/feel like it/remember. I don’t know how much help I could be, but I’ll see what I can do.

Probably more help than you realise.


Hmmm, can anyone think of a good way to bump this up?

Couldn’t described it any better :wink: That’s the way i learned it and it helps ALOT :smiley:

Ah… forgot about this.

Hopefully I will remember and have time this weekend, as well as good weather.

Cheers dude.

If anyone else wants to provide a second opinion, I would be happy to watch more than one.