Street help

Hey guys, i’ve been practicing my big wheel street lately as, i love street and im saving up to a give trip (across the world :smiley: ) and can only afford to keep my 24". so i sold off my 20" and kept the 24", mostly cuz i still like Muni too.

       anyways back to my initial question. i need some street tips.

-how to improve rolling hop length/height
-good tricks to learn
-other useful tips

anything you have will help.
please let me know

Learn to 180twist really well. Then 360twist, crankflips, 360unispin and grinds. Thats all you need :).

For improving your jumps… just takes practice. Practice doing rolling gaps.

okay cool thanks :smiley:

what sort of things should i practice gapping though…i dont know where to get pallets

But the most important is practicing.

I’ll say the same as Dood, but add footplants, no-foot tiregrabs and various freestyle tricks like wheel walking.

Have fun. :smiley:

Since you’re a street rider, I would suggest you just go onto the street and gap everything.

okay thank you so much guys that helped so so so much, especially hugo’s tutorial there…

can’t wait untill my new tire comes in so i can ride again (im not really riding any street right now, just cruisin, as i dont wanna puncture the tube, cuz its bulging thru the rip…i covered it with duct tape but im just being careful).

@ unigurd:
correct me if im wrong, but i foot plant is like when your riding and you take one foot of and put it on a object and sort of hop over it with your foot right?

Yep, that’s it.

what is the best way to practice learning foot plants.i tried last night, but it seemed my legs were like either we all go, or neither of us is coming off these pedals… :frowning:

Hmm, I think i would start static, and try to slowly minimalize the distance your other foot (you know, the foot which isn’t supposed to leave the pedal) leaves the pedal with. I would go rolling when the foot barely leaves the pedal.
I hope that helps. :slight_smile: