[street] HD headcam from new zealand

The latest work from Team H in Wellington, NZ.


Really nice video :slight_smile:
What camera’s were you using?

Loved the shots with the camera mounted on the frame. Looked like a 360 body varial and not a unispin hahaha

thats awesome guys, such nice refreshing way to film. so pretty epic stuff in there too :slight_smile:

truly a piece of art. flowish riding, camera angles that haven´t been seen before and some pretty surreal spots combined with ambient music and “all grey” weather created an intense atmosphere. Although the fish-eye created a slight dizzyness in the beginning, I also really liked the idea of the view on cranks and tire. You should make a tutorial on Crankflips with that. Also very remarkable: the dual-frame editing. so enjoyable! thanks for that.

that was some sweet filming, i really liked the camera view of the tire and pedals

The PoV shots were sick lol. Used a GoPro I’m guessing?

The wheel at 3:30 needs to be trued. Apart from that, great vid! :smiley:

Nice ^^, I liked it when you did the crankflips and grinds with the helmcam :D!

So true. So very true. Really did enjoy the angles too. For the most part I would say it was an awesome video.
Only thing I didnt like was the helmet cam could have been mounted slightly different so i wouldnt have to tilt my head for a good view.

Thanks all!

Yeah, my wheel is in bad need of a true, it was from a quick repair job after I broke 5 spokes at Unicon XV :smiley:

The body varial on those bricks is actually a bigspin. Wait for the next video, the spin tricks with flips in them look even more insane.

The side-by-side angle is an idea we had before we went out shooting, we are considering making an entire movie like that, but obviously it will need careful planning, as like some of you found the dual screen takes a bit to get used to.\

And yes, all shot on 2 Go Pro HD Cameras, one at 720p 60 frames per sec and one 720p 30 frames per sec.

slightly OT, but have you seen “Conversations with other women” with Helena Bonham Carter and that Dude from “Thank you for smoking”? They made a really good use of the dual frame technology. If you make a film, make sure it´s not overused! In good hands with you I guess.