[Street] Hard Core

Hey !

Here’s my new video, I worked hard on this, so if you guys could leave a comment, it would be cool !

Youtube link

Thanks !


P.S. Sorry about the crappy quality:o
P.S.S. This might be a Call Out Vid for Julien Renaud (Kapoute) too.

That was an awesome. the only bad quility part was when you were doing the trial line on the rocks…

Your gettting so good!

I cant wait for the next one to come out of yours.


nice work… keep it up.

Man that was amazing. You are getting really good, and improving sooo fast!

Pretty much everything in that was awesome. I wish I could grind that high. Whenever I try to grind the backs of benches I always stick, plus that blunt was awesome too, yet another thing I have big problems with. All in All great job, plus I know you have plenty of other great tricks that you didn’t even show in that!!! :astonished:

I really hope you can get a better camera one of these days because you had a great person filming you and if they had a better camera this video would be even more amazing.

pretty sweet, you need to slowmo some stuff though.
cool vid man

Nice video good music great riding, you’ve got some pretty freeaking high hops man! grinding the backs of benches and that wall you jumped on was HUGE! can’t wait for another video from you!

awesome…love your blunt grind i think its called…and the grind on that bench…that was cool!


Hugo, your street skills are amazing, you got soo much better since I saw you at OUI. I especially liked the high grind, but you stole my thing (the one foot wheelwalk glide), but whatever. Great movie and keep in going. When I get to Montreal, we have to ride sometime, or when you come to Ottawa, but it mostly has to be trials :P, maybe a bit of street (some 540s and crankflips and some sets).

Keep it going,


I realy wana see it in HQ lol

That was one of the best vids here!!!
Now just if it had better resolution :angry:

Hi res pleeeaaaase!!!:slight_smile:


I totaly agree

Skills :smiley:
Get a better cam1

It may just be crappy editing software. The one Spencer uses is really good for good resolution.

Hey guys !

Since a lot of you asked, I made and HQ version of Hard Core. You can see it here (It’s on YouTube, so you know how it is, it’s not really better) or you can download it here on Mega Upload (Just type the three letters in the right top of the screen), 261.29 Mb. The high quality doesn’t change the fact that I suck in this video, but it helps making it look a little less… :roll_eyes:


Looks alot better :smiley:

By far the best video i have ever seen, seriously, well done

and what uni do you ride

Good video. He is riding a Bedford Hardcore (profile).

good vid.