[Street] Good Bye

Hey guys and gals !

So here it is, finally, my last video, Good Bye. Not the best quality, not the best riding, way too many hops, but still a good vid with really cool editing (Thank you again for that Emile) ! Can someone explain me this : he has been riding with me for a year every week-end and he can’t write my name correctly ! (Hugo Dugyay) :stuck_out_tongue:

Well well, enough talking, not enough unicycling ! Here are the links :

Youtube, medium quality

Download link, high quality

Youtube, high quality still to come.

Hope you enjoy and see you in May '08 !


Really good! Excellent editing too. But why “good bye”? Are you leaving the forums? :frowning:

really enjoyable vid to watch. your 540s are great. loved the vid.

itll be to bad to see less videos coming out from you.

later jon A

Awesome 6 set!!! I just started upping 4 sets.
Really good grinds!!! and editing!!!

awesome movie
i like the 540’s

Awesome, really good riding. I liked the switch 540.

:astonished: :smiley: :astonished: :smiley: AWSOME!!!

Definately your best yet, and in the running for THE best street vid by a single rider, IMO. (Eg. Some of Xavier’s vids have better riding, but this one was made REALLY well IMO.)

No, just no more solo vids for a while.


loved everything:
-and RIDING!

awesome job

Nice, i like the roling hops and the song.

Great all 'round! Nice video effects.
The 360’s are really fast. Nice variety of tricks and locations.
Not your best riding? I hope we’ll see more from you

NOOOOO you got the up the curb into wheel walk on film before me! I landed those about two or three weeks ago (although two footed wheelwalk not one so you one uped me there).

Amazing job. Love the switch 540’s. I can’t wait to ride with you again next season. COME TO UNICON!!!

Its been done:)

I know it has been done before, but I was hoping to get it on film before he did, he already stole the one footed backflips from me, so I was hoping to get it before him :p. No biggie though as I don’t really get anything on film anyways.

I just started watching your vid again and I noticed you hit your chin on your seat. I HATE IT WHEN THAT HAPPENS!!! I feel your pain man, I do that all the time, either my chin or my chest.

that seemed like his best riding to me frank, have you seen his other videos? they’re really good but this tops them all, ummmm 540’s??? yeah pretty good to me…

great video man, look forward to mroe stuff in the future


Luke did a 3 spin up a curb to stand up ww.

Missed that one.


i just finished watching it, there’s so much things to say about this vids
-your skills is very good you have a great variety of riding as i can see big gaps and roll up some static tricks, some fliptricks

  • i really liked the 6 set roll up it’s sooooo awesome
  • i didn’t like the music it’s just felt for me like a music i allready heard in another video this kind of music is used too much for uni vids
  • the filming was great and the editing was ok

i really can’t imagine that you’re not going to do another vid after this one, it’s so great why stop?

– bobousse


That was awesome! Music was awesome! And good gob on the rolling 6 set! Also liked the 180 to grind! Your best video so far! Also great editing Emile! Its going to be really sad with you making no more vids! :frowning:

I bet you will get that new camera and will make a vid next summer after LIFE! It will be called “im back”.

Anyway really enjoyed Riding, filming, editing, music…which is a 5 star from me!

Keep it up!


wow your the next Skrobo as far as rolling hops go, the 540s were ILL also…

Very nice video. Personaly I found some of the angles unnecesary and confusing. Also, I found the editing a bit repetitive (same move from 3 or 4 angles). The riding, however, was bloody awesome!