Street/freestyle video

Here’s a video by my friend Joakim and I. It has some street riding and some freestyle.

The file is 27 mb. large and should play just fine in Quicktime.

Many thanks to Ulf of the Scandinavian unicycle forum Enhjulingsfolket, for hosting our video!

VERY awesome wheelwalking! I liked the one-footed ww without the other foot on the frame. very cool.

nice suicide mount, too.

I’m just downloading the video now.

It’s an interesting name “Halvcykel”. Is that what a uni’s called in your neck of the woods? It’s very descriptive!


“Halvcykel” means halfbike, pretty much. Unicycle is called “enhjuling” in Swedish, which directly translated would be “one-wheeler”.

As for the text in the end, it says:

I almost cried when I saw that jump mount to stand up wheel walking on that raised section. You crazy freestylers never cease to amaze me. Nice video.

nice 360 unispin!..

PS: How do you get a picture under your name?

Downloading now with anticipation.

Also, check out your control panel, TriaL. There’s an option for avatars and custom titles in there.

dude! i thought i was so hard after i learned a 1 fted glide but u guys are truely awesome. i love that 1 fted backwards wheel walk. good job

that was very impressive!

nice video. i like the stand up ww seat on side and the 1 ft wheel walk switching feet. How did it take you learn it with either foot? I can do it with my right foot for like forever and im working on it with my left.

Good job. It’s nice to see a video with some good freestyling. I liked the jump mount to stand-up ww, especially.