Street/Flatland rims

Hello, if you had the task of selecting rims to go into this category, which would you include?

Any mod rim, 19" for street. Most people would agree that mod rims are best for flat too. It’s a fine line tho, so you could easily include strong/wide 20" rims too.

mod rims, stock koxx suck

i suggest you stick with one of the more common mod rims. they are common for a reason.

eh, undrilled koxx is good, sorry

How good is the DX rim?

whats a mod rim?

The alex dx-32 is really strong, its not as wide as some of the others though.

Mod rims are the 19" rims that takes the 2.5" trials tires. Mod is short for modified bmx.

Are you seriously looking to buy a street rim brian?

If so, I would love to see a video of you doing some flatland trick…

( ahahhaha just think about it )

so 19inch is stronger than 20’
I dont think i’ve seen a 19 inch rim…

I didn’t say that.

You ride one.

anybody used the drilled echo mod rim I was thinking of that for my custom uni…

Ahahahaha. :roll_eyes:

Its 32h only.

The Zhi, and KH rims are pretty much the same as the Koxx rims as far as strength. I don’t know where you are getting this Koxx rims sucks from.

Oh I thought they made a 36h.

people say that about the drilled ones

It’s true they suck. They are made of a different aluminum (don’t as me which one I don’t know) but trials bikers also complain it they wont hold a grind for very long at all. I guess the metal is softer. Cody Williams pops his out of true so often it almost becomes like a joke when we go riding.

haha yeah I would never go for that or any drilled rim.

It is 7005 T6, and a lot of french riders use these rims and have no problem with it. It is a light one less robust than the undrilled one but I have used one for trial riding during one year and didn’t break it.

Don’t worry about this rim, it is robust. At the beginning I was affraid too to use a drilled rim but, now, I am sure that it is robust enought for trial using.

For street riding, it’s better to use an undrilled one, but for flatlanding, the drilled one is better.

Do you work for koxx or something?

Actually, I am having a work experience at Koxx-One for my studies. But, do you have a special reason why you don’t like Koxx-One stuffs?

Don’t you agree with the things you have quoted? And if you’re not, could you explain me why?