Street/flatland riding

ok im getting my new uni in about 2 1/2 months now. ( 16 november ) and i was wondering do i need shinpads or anything if im doing street/flatland. I was thinking i might need em for crankflips n stuff so i dont hurt my shins if the metal pedals hit me. Also wat else do i i need in the way of protection.
from Brendon.v

It would be a good thing to have. Just in case.
My favourites would have to be 661s as they are my choice to get. :smiley:
Such examples would be…
SixSixOne 4x4 Knee and Shin Armour
and if you really want to.
SixSixOne Wrist Wrap

Hoped this helped you somehow my good friend. :smiley: :smiley:

You should get KH percussion leg armour. They cost more than the 661s but they are made for unicycling so give protectetion in the right places and do not restrict movement. I have repetedly been smacked majorly hard and have been able to carry on as if it didnt happen. Wearing them gives you greater confedence to try things because you know if you miss the pedals or fall your lower legs are fully protected.

The other protection I wear is a pair of gloves. I got these from a cycling shop for about £5, they have a tough leather palm so that if/when you fall you can put your hands down with out the risk of chewing up your hands.

Oh yeah, i forgot about the KH leg armour. :smiley:

wat about leg armor from a bike shop?

They’re good too in someways, but i would prefer something from UDC or similar. :smiley:

Ill go take a look at the bike shop and see what they got and if they got crappy ones ill get some 661 leg armor.

or for an extra 5 bucks i can get KH leg armor. I might get that if i cant find anything at the bike shop.

So your going to street/flatland with metal pedals? If I were you I would look into getting some plastics… something along this line.


Shinpads are are very important for metel pedals as they will cut up your leg very often. Shinpads aren’t as needed for plastic pedal, sometimes if the pedal hits it will hurt, but it won’t cut you. I didn’t get shinpads until I got a uni with metal pedals.

Nobody mentioned it yet?

If you have a brain, decide if you want to protect it. Falling on your head is rare, but it only has to happen once. Skate helmets are the best type for Street and Trials riding.

absolutly. I love those pedals.

ankle guards, cuse some people such as myself bust their ankles open really bad sometimes…

Yeah ankle braces will help if you f up on a trick so you don’t twist you ankle. I recommend jimmy c plastic or metal I prefer the metal. The jimmy c pedals posted above are considered pretty much the best for grinding so keep that in mind.

Nobody posted Jim Cielencki pedals.

Arent the twisted plastics still jimmy c’s? Sorry If I am wrong they are on the site. I say go to ae bikes I got a pair of black sealed mag. jimmy c’s for under 70$.

No they aren’t, very different pedals.

I believe the Twisted Plastics are much smaller.

Jim Cielencki’s have a giant platform compared to most pedals.