Street/Flat - Yeah!!!??

Pretty short, mainly just a vid for one trick… But I like the rest aswell. No funky editing/camera angles/music or whatever. Just yeah… haha.

that wall thingo was insanley cool:)

That was great
Your flat is really unique and getting better every video
The street was really great too; gutsy
Street Styles been dumped?

Naaaaah it hasn’t. I have really big plans for that. Just have to wait for everything to come together.

the backflip out of the rail was insane!!! man, nice work.

Sick,Crazy,Insane unicycle stunts there Chris :sunglasses:

So sick!!!
Liked your flat combos, 1 footed transitions look real nice!
Keep doing :smiley:

flipping out of rails, legend. nice one!


edit: but for real, everything was amazing, The longneck frame looks good too

crazy those wall plants were great

nice vid mostly like the grind to backflip that’s awesome:D:D

nice style !!! :D:D
flip out was amazing :roll_eyes:

Awesome vid Chris! The new uni looks great :slight_smile: The music was cool but normally not ur style.

Yeah! You finally got that backflip out of that rail!

Nice wall thingy too.

The pink shopping bag floating in the background was super artsy.

But seriously. You’re good. Awesome tricks.

I uploaded to vimeo but I must have used the wrong format or something. Everything is interlaced and looks terrible. Thanks for the comments.

Too many cool things in that vid to pick out a favorite, but aside from the backflip out of that handrail, I have to say my favorite part was the trey(double?)flip down that ledge. Looked cool.

Just remember. You can never have too many greenbeans.

Just a in-in trey.

Just realized I forgot to put in a really good clip. O’well I’ll just make another vid sometime soon.

That backflip out of the rail was SICK! Nice determination lol. O and that wallplant thing was awesome too.

Could you please send me the vid? Cause whenever I try download it from youtube I get errors reports and I really want it :P.

I like your style… looks like you just go out and have fun. Solid street