{Street/Flat} VidAbel by Lorenz, Elliot and Raphael


After EUC-Summer we (Pöham’s) stayed 3 more weeks in France with Elliot.

We had a really fun time and didn’t film that much, so we also filmed some clips at home. :roll_eyes:

I think alot think why the videos nam eis Vidabel…? It’s because Elliots second name is Abel :roll_eyes: :Dm It’s a funny name and we didn’t find other good name for it so…:wink:

i also spent a lot of time to edit the video and it’s finally available here:

i know on some PC’s UTV doesn’t work, just download it there ;):
Video:: http://videos.unicycle.tv/948.vidabel.wmv

in some days Vimeo and Youtube also come :wink:

Let us know what you think;)



cool first to watch it I guess! ill edit my post :slight_smile:

uh sorry I dont know why but I cant edit :thinking: anyway! this vid kick ass!!! thats it. I guess I dont need to explain why. just watch it! :smiley:

That was crazy. Too many awesome parts to describe. My favorite was the quadflip though. You guys are ill. Never stop riding. Please :slight_smile:

Wow that was amazing!

I loved the quadflip and outtriple

that was some crazy stuff !

Varialroll x7, 540-180-540-270-90-540, Rapheal’s 2.5 revs of sideways coast, and 2:59 is all such great flatland!
The sidedoubleflip, quadflip, and outtriple are sick flip tricks too!

Sweet edit too!

+1 the outtriple was so sick

I just loved the 20 180 o tire and quadflip and outtriple :smiley:

Very nice video! Lorenz is very good at falling :p. Everything was insane, great job!

I love the sideways coasting, that looks so cool. Raphael’s backroll to forward crankflip looks cool too. Everything was awesome, as always.

The long waiting ist finish and you have me not disappointet!
Great as always! :astonished:

Pretty cool. The tirehop unispins were insane :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow! It`s a crazy and very good ;)video!!!:D:D:D:)


watch in HD;)


Watch in HD;)

nice video:) i liked the part with sideway coasting and the 630s and especially elliots line at 4:07 :slight_smile:

erally good job, the flat was just awesome the editing is amazing…the beginning :astonished: :astonished: :astonished: :astonished: :astonished: :astonished: :astonished: …but i wouldn´t call it a flat/street video:D

the quad was way cleaner then you told me!!!

i really liked all these fun clips!

-i´ve to land the quad next week with you:p…feilx

thanks :slight_smile:
yes i know there is just one street clip in :roll_eyes:
look how i roll out… i roll out on my cranks roll, and you can’t really see if it’s landed or not, but it is :stuck_out_tongue:
Lorenz is BailMaster lol

yeah! Felixstyle quadflips

And I thought 6 180s on the wheel was insane yesterday. Awesome vid.