Street/Flat/Trials in New Zeland after UNICON!


I’m going to buy my NZ tickets tomorrow :smiley:

I’m planning to stay more 5 days in Auckland riding street and flat. Anyone would be up for something like that… Or there are riders in Auckland that would be up to ride with me those days?

I must know ASAP! To book my tickets… Obviously, I would also find some cool stuff to do besides unicycling :wink:


EDIT: I may be able to go to AUS a bigger group is going!

I’m planning to stay in cheap hostels BTW!

I’ll try be there. A bus to my house from auckland is $90 return. Whatever anyone else is doing, ill work around them. Might be driving from my house to wellington aswell…

id like to be there

AWESOME :smiley:

I will stay 6 days more I think… Tomorrow I must see that…

Tell your friends, lets try to have lots of unicyclists for some extra days :wink:

Id like to come for some extra days too depending on what I can organise / the amount of money I have by unicon, sounds fun!

I will probably be there for a few days more too. I will stay for two month away from germany but I also will visit China and Australia.



I’ll stay until January 14… So I have 7 days…

I will probably stat in Auckland… looks like the best place to stay, and would be nice for street and flat I think!.. Also is close to the airport :wink:

I will book hostels soon (Wellington hostels this week, and auckland in the start of June!)… I’m trying to convince Adrien and some other riders to stay too :smiley:

Hope some guys can stay and film with us :smiley: See you in 240 days :smiley: