[street/flat/trial] Y'a du jeu dans ta roue



Cool mix of different riding styles. I enjoyed this one a lot.

Great video! The riding & editing were incredible, I liked the music too!
The last clip made me laugh hard xD.

so sick! the treyside quad was awesome. but where was the hick quad on flat?

Very nice indeed I loved it but I didn’t know Tiffulioue (or however his name is spelled) still rode! :slight_smile: awesome editing must have taken along time.:smiley:

Nice video! I really liked the slomotion parts :wink:

that was sick, didnt lose interest through the whole thing. hick quad on flat? crazy


here’s the HD version of the video, stop watching the first one haha

epic fail in the end :smiley: nice video :wink: bobousse have you landed 900 yet ?

god damnit, i was trying to watch it yesterday but got my laptop taken off me, i come back and its gone? FML. what i saw was freaking epic.

i’m so sorry about that, the version i uploaded yesterday was a low quality one, i deleted it
and uploaded the HD version today
here it is:


ahh thankyou bobousse! :smiley:

Whop is that guy marco hes sick!

Was it a hick 5flip adrien tried at down the 4 pallets in the end? :astonished: I dont what else i would called it then a hick 5flip :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks for all the comments guys